Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Talk About Interesting Art: The Birth of Baby X

As if giving birth was not hard enough but imagine giving birth while the public watches.  I need to keep my privates, well private, but  artist Marni Kotak is letting us watch as Baby X takes his or her first breath at the  Microscope Gallery, in Brooklyn.

Kotak explain to the Village Voice:
""The Birth of Baby X," I will be completely engrossed in the act of giving birth before a live audience. I will be focused on delivering my child into the world in the healthiest manner possible, rather than on how I look or what the audience may think. Everything I have learned about the birth process is that the more you surrender your mind and don't try to control the event, but let your body do what it naturally knows how to do, the better your labor progress. This to me, provides for the most authentic performance art situation. And the ultimate creation of this life performance will be a living being!"

If you are as curious as I am about the set up of this "exhibition", visit the gallery. This installation is on from Oct 8th to November 7th and the admission is free. I will definitely make a trip out there to help better understand this art and write a follow up post. What are your thoughts on this type of art?

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