Sunday, August 28, 2011

Talk About Interesting News: Hurricane Irene ???

Being born and raised in Montreal, I am used to storms, especially snow storms. Even with many feet of snow the city never shut down and it was business as usually. Now living in New York, mayor Bloomberg announced the MTA is going to be closed and everyone should stay at home because Hurricane Irene is headed our way. With an announcement like that one begins to worry. We did make all necessary preparations just in case but did feel that the American News was exaggerated a tad bit. Bloomberg's theory is that it's better to be safe than sorry. So why risk it?

After cooking up my own storm yesterday in the kitchen, exhausted I slept through most of the storm. Around 10:30 am, as soon as the rain slowed down, I headed out to explore. You could smell and taste the ocean water. I wanted photograph major damages around my neighborhood but couldn't find much. The picture above it the only damaged tree on the block.
No one was driving around which gave me the opportunity to snap this shot from the middle of the street. If you look at the end of the road you, can see the New York Public Library by Bryant Park. On a normal day, one can never see this building from 2nd avenue.
It is business as usual for our local supermarket. So if you are in the city and need milk you know where to go.

Two doorman standing in the middle of 34th street (normally a very busy road), happy that they are off  Hurricane Irene watch duty. Hope everyone is safe with power and did not get flooded. To view all my photos from the morning after Irene please view Morning After Irene - Facebook Photos.

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