Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Thank you

After being miserable with my last employer, I decided to quit my job in late 2008. Knowing I had the demands of planning our wedding and moving, I was lucky to have the job title of “unemployed”. I found myself bored at home and realized I did not have the bride gene and took up crafting. I know crafting sounds like a hobby your grandmother enjoys, but it was an activity I loved since I was a child.

This is how I came up with my stationary line…PriaVanda…entwined for you. It started last holiday season when I made day planners for family and friends as Christmas presents. Who knew they would be such a hit and here we are today! I know you are probably thinking a year to launch day planners that were already made in 2008 but yes it took me a year to get the confidence to make this public (and dealing with being 30, got married and moved in the meantime).

There are special people in my life which pushed me towards my goal. First of all I would like to thank my loving husband, Vishal. Thank you for giving me the opportunity of having the job title “unemployed” and pursing my dream of being a designer. You believe in me and motivate me. Thank you!

Secondly, my parents, who taught me that my hard work would pay off and they were right. Of course, there is my sister Rashmi and brother Yogesh. Although we didn’t always get along when living together, the new distance has brought us closer together. Thank you my siblings for being my number one fans and promoters!

Then there is my BFF, John, who is the genius behind me website and some of the photos. (The website should be ready in a few days-John the pressure is now on…lol) He has waited for me patiently throughout the year to work on my site but I wasn’t ready. Now that I am, poor boy has to cram all this work in. So John, thank you for your late nights and dedication to me. (Message me if you are looking for an amazing web designer!)

Let’s not forget Christine & Rahul who have been of my free PR reps since I started this hobby. (Sorry guys in advance for putting your names in the same sentence…lol.) Also a thank you to Mike for some of the photos you took of my line on such short notice.

I would also like to mention my cousins and brother in law who helped me test the product line and make improvements. (This is starting to sound like an acceptance speech…but I haven’t won an award…well not yet!)

To wrap things up thank you all for reading my first blog ever and please follow me on twitter and facebook!!!

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