Monday, February 28, 2011

Talk About Interesting Design: Oscar Red Carpet 2011

I feel a bit empty inside now that the award season has come to a close but last night's Oscar Red Carpet has left us loads to talk about. Should I start with the best dressed or the worst? Let's save the best for last.

I got excited as Anne Hathaway swept the red carpet in a red Valentino but she missed it a few times with her other 7 gowns. The white Givenchy was way too hippy. The Vivien Westwood was too costumey, and so sad to say that the gunmetal Tom Ford was not cut right for her shoulders. Other than the Valentino, I would have to agree that the custom tuxedo by Lanvin looked best on Hathaway.

We don't except much from the well known villain in Harry Potter, Helena Bonham Carter, and she did not surprise us with her velvet costume. She explains it as a tribute to costume design and a way to camouflage her "derrière".

What left me without an answer is why Reese Witherspoon dressed like 2001 Oscar winner Julia Roberts. The two looks were so similar and left me confused. If you have any answers please let me know.

As for the best dressed, I know everyone is buzzing about Mila Kunis who was dressed in Elie Saab but the decoltage tattoos do not cut it for me, or Michelle Willams who gave Chanel a bad name and what was Nicole Kidman thinking trusting Dior and his kimono?

Best dressed? My favorite of them all would be Gwyneth Paltrow in Calvin Klein. I love the way she stylized the dress with the Louis Vuitton brooch, initially I thought it was embroidery. The gown draped her trim figure perfectly. I am sure Calvin uses Gwyneth as a muse all the time. Mandy Moore came in second with her Monique Lhuiller dress. The sequins were perfectly placed to make it look like the dress was off the shoulder. I think I am just in love with the iridescent look this year. Would love to hear who you thought was best and worst dressed.

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