Friday, January 1, 2010

Tiffany & Co presents Skate at Somerset House

What a great afternoon with cousin Rashmika. Spent the afternoon of New Year’s Eve’s at one of the many Tudor Palaces, Somerset House. This historic landmark was where Queen Elizabeth I once called home. This spectacular building is situated in the heart of London, where 55 fountains dance in the sunlight.

This year Tiffany & Co presents Skate at Somerset House. The elegant courtyard where noblemen once courted ladies is now iced over. A grand evergreen ornamented with large Tiffany charms shadows the rink. The little Tiffany blue box that would make any girl’s day is now supersized to host the Tiffany Tuck Shop. Embellished with a peacock theme, you can purchase the latest jewelry trinkets or just indulge in the signature color cupcakes.

Of course there are a variety of restaurants to enjoy. We decided to have a light lunch at the Courtauld Café. The small café overlooks the festive courtyard. The menu primary caters to lunch. The carrot soup was delicious but still do not understand the British obsession for scones. Another acquired taste that I still do not fancy.

All in all a great way to end 2009!!!

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